Monday, October 19, 2009

Gang Gang Dance - Vacuum


Richard said...

so good i missed this this belongs on david toop comps this is missing/amazing mbv/higher than the sun type music. like the song on tim dewits myspace and what brian degraw films and how he draws and the vice bio for him and picture of nest show in ny, gang gang dance knows

thanks for sharing in owley. fantastic casualness of this blog the group idea makes it fun. wanting to do something like this, something separate, to have soulja boy kiss me thru the phone or church of the poison mind in it. liking when people write things with the song. anyway. this is so wordy. more good check it
the family jams part 2
the other process of weeding out

wayno52 said...

I agree this song is excellent and reminds me of mbv very much.

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