Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jets to Brazil - Sea Anemone

The BSE archives (aka “Older Entries”) accompanied me through another crazy day. So many great posts. Here’s one from Jets to Brazil. I’m digging into my older music lately the stuff that never got transferred into itunes and sorta got buried into music purgatory, (i.e. one of those nondescript black Case Logic binders which has been parked on a shelf for several years, I’m not sure why this catalog system overwhelms me). Anyway, late 90s I listened to anything coming out of Jade Tree Records and probably liked only half of what I heard. Jets to Brazil is one of the bands I liked. It’s nice to sprinkle a little melancholy here and there. ;) This song makes me want to wind down for the day or lie down, neither of which is possible at the moment unfortunately.



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