Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Twofer - The Winter Pageant

They are no longer a band, but I somehow stumbled upon The Winter Pageant during
the days of Friendster. Can't remember exactly how, but I think the singer was a friend
of a friend or something...Anyhow, I fell in love with a few of the songs I'd heard
(read: OBSESSED), and even went to a couple of shows alone, as most of my friends
hate seeing live music unless the band members are really, devastatingly cute.
And I guess these guys didn't quite make the cut. Disclaimer: I'm not as judgmental
(ok, maybe sometimes)...
Anyhow, I always thought these songs would make good soundtrack music to some kind
of Sofia Coppola film like Lost in Translation or something.
Really atmospheric and a bit intense.

The Winter Pageant - Identical

The Winter Pageant - Take Desire




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