Friday, February 26, 2010

3fer Friday Naptime! Danzig, T. Rex, Nirvana

All of these songs have one thing in common to me:
I don't really nap much, but during the rare occasions that I have, these songs somehow ended up playing on repeat, during semi-conscious slumber and the hazy wake up...I can't explain it, but because of that, or how I woke up to them playing, I have a weird attachment to the songs.


When I was 18, I was visiting a friend at a house inhabited by a bunch of skateboarders in Los Angeles (really, the not so exciting Huntington Beach). I was in and out of sleep, and one of the boys had taped this song over and over on a cassette, which played the entire time I napped (maybe 2 hours?). On repeat. I could hear it through the door, but it wasn't very clear. But I knew I liked something about it. It took me a while to figure out what/who it was, because I didn't ask immediately...I got back to NY and was dying to know at this point, but I was just told, "not sure, just some Misfits song." So I basically bought every Misfits album trying to find this, until finally, another friend back home suggested it might be Danzig...He even threw out the name of this song. How he figured that out exactly, I don't know. But that's when I came to love the Misfits, and the man behind the Misfits, Danzig...


This one is very simple. I was at home, in my bedroom, maybe 14 years old. Fell asleep after school, the cd in, this song accidentally on repeat. It's so good- I had always liked it, but it just became so much better post nap.


Camping in Kentucky. This song was part of a playlist, but someone really liked it and kept replaying it once it would end. Not really sure who out of all the people, maybe it was more than one person...but I just remember being in a tent, in a daze, and hearing this. Like the others above, over and over.



And yes, I am totally serious about this song.

I spent a week driving through the Florida Keys, with the really fun kick-off in Miami. I want to say that it was at the Raleigh Hotel where my friend and I heard this song playing on repeat during a nap, but I think it was more like Spring Break Central in the Keys. Most likely the day we got to our Key West destination, we totally crashed after the craziness of Miami, and woke up to our hotel neighbors chugging beers and singing along...But regardless, if I wasn't a fan of the song before, it didn't matter. It's become part of the good nostalgia for us now, 12-13 years later...


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