Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Write About It Wednesdays: Real Estate - Beach Comber

Hey welcome to the newest weekly column on this wonderful blog we are contributing here. Seriously though, SK Wythe and I were talking Monday night and decided that we need more people to write about their songs. Whether its talking about why its the song of the day, what you like about it, a fun fact to go along with the band/video/song, or even if it's just a fun anecdote about your life that you want to share with this great group of people, it's all welcome here on WRITE ABOUT IT WEDNESDAYS. (Seriously though we don't have to tag each post with that because its long as shit and not extremely catchy. It would honestly be an eyesore.) Listen to the song while you read, read it later, don't read it at all, I don't really care, do what you want! So without further ado, here's the first installment of WAIW. (Not very catchy either.)

So while I was waiting in the subway station this morning after just missing the first G train (why do I need to Please Swipe Again?) this song came on and I got chills down my back. For some reason I got that physical response where it feels like this is the exact song that belongs at this exact moment in your life, and though it was a mildly random coincidence that it came on (shuffle was on my phone), it's weird to me that songs can trigger such a response in you sometimes. I'm saying this like someone will be able to relate to it, which I hope is true because otherwise I just look like a crazy person. Anyways, I don't know why my body gave me that response to this song, but it definitely made it the song of the day for me instantly.

Since I don't have anything else about why it's the song of the day, I'll share a funny anecdote about the band Real Estate. I only started listening to them recently, maybe a few months ago, after they got a bunch of positive press about this new S/T album. Luckily, a few days after I bought it I read that they were playing a free show at Brooklyn Bowl later that week. Having never been to Brooklyn Bowl, and never seen Real Estate, it was an obvious choice to me that I go. Brooklyn Bowl is a great venue by the way if you've never gone. It's a very weird and interesting vibe to have a rather large venue right next to a bowling alley and a restaurant, and for all three to be functioning in perfect harmony alongside each other. Once you're there, and you're in the mix, it all just seems to make sense. And Real Estate was a perfect band to see there. On to my anecdote, I was there with a friend and we were drinking some drinks and standing near the back since we got there kind of late and since it was a free show it was packed. All of a sudden this kid in long hair walks up to some of the old folks next to us and we soon realize that it's one of the band members, talking to his parents and parents of other members of the band that were there. As we eavesdropped we realized that this may also have been the first show that their parents have attended of theirs, as well as the last day before the band was leaving to tour Europe. The parents were endearingly ignorant, and obviously from Jersey, as it seemed the only exposure to modern rock and roll was listening to Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley. The dad actually asked his son, mildly seriously, if he should yell out to play "Freebird" at the end of the set, and his son reluctantly laughed and was like, "Yeah, sure Dad, whatever." It was honestly a great moment and seeing their parents see that their kid's band has garnered quite a bit of success was a really great thing to see and definitely made that show special for me. They played amazingly and having your child be part of something that hundreds of people came to see must be an amazing feeling. Anyways that's my story and that's that of my WAIW post. Hope you enjoyed.

Now, your turn!

PS - I also wrote an absurd amount. Feel free to write much less. Don't let this intimidate you. Even if it's just a sentence or two!


DUSKIN said...

and didn't we also talk about more commenting?


Thanks for kicking us off!!!!!

John C. said...

Yes ma'am we did.

DUSKIN said...

i really enjoyed reading this, and writing my own little something. it's a nice little brain exercise.

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