Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowy 2FER - Kiss Me Deadly and Mazarin

STRONGKENTWYTHE took me to see Kiss Me Deadly soon after we met. Can't remember where it was, but this is the song I fell in love with, Dance 4. The lead was wearing a funny superhero outfit- she was just adorable, and the song was just perfect to hop around to. I think they were really young. Like the little brothers and sisters of STRONGKENTWYTHE's friends.
Don't think they are band any longer...

And then there is Mazarin. Also no longer, but this song has been top on the list for years....

Kiss Me Deadly - Dance 4
Mazarin - Chasing the Girl


Brooklyn Aloha said...

U have seriously amazing memory recall brain. That was a fun show. Its time duskin strong kent wythe attend another live show.

Btw, uhm, the happy sock dance. So besting. Bleeping out of control genius.

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