Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dismemberment Plan - Memory Machine

Not the official music video. I guess since its WAIW (I bet you thought that I'd forget) I have to write something.

The Dismemberment Plan have been a long time favorite band of mine. Probably since about 8th grade. And since I lived in the DC metro area, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them and Travis Morrison's newer band MANY times before each fizzled out and ended. One of my favorite stories involving him (though it was for his new band, not this one) was one time when I was on my way to a Modest Mouse concert in DC I ran into him and a bunch of friends and they were like screw the Modest Mouse concert come to this one! So I went and saw Travis Morrison and completely ditched my $50 dollar Modest Mouse tickets. I still haven't seen Modest Mouse to this day, and at this point, probably never will. I blame Travis Morrison for that.

And that's my tale.


DUSKIN said...

but was it worth it?

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