Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WAIW - Modest Mouse - The Good Times are Killing Me

Speaking of Modest Mouse...I've actually been listening to something else on repeat all day, but there isn't much of a story behind it. This one has a bit of something...

A few years back, right before I moved to Los Angeles, (ok, it was more like 4), STRONG KENT WYTHE and I had a little company called Bryn & Lou (and Tiny Toys by Bryn & Lou), and we were being shot for a piece in Lucky Magazine. It was a tight shot, but we faked a design studio/work station in the SKW apartment, which was pretty awesome, and probably everything I would want in my own studio anyhow...
The shoot lasted about 4-6 hours I think, but I can't remember now. What I do recall really well is that the whole time, we only listened to one of SKW's mixes on repeat. Imagine how many times this song played. And it's one that you notice each time around...but it was one of those times when, the sun was really shining in on her apartment, the vibe was good, and it just felt totally right each and every time. I will forever think about that day whenever this song comes on, anywhere I am.

To see that photoshoot, click here!



LOL - it was actually pretty amazing that the photographer didn’t mind listening to the same song on repeat. My kind of people. That was a fun day, and in retrospect, the perfect song to go with it (over and over 150 times).

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